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Who is a pain specialist?

To answer this first question, we need to get acquainted with the concept of the International Pain Fellowship so that we can get to know the pain specialist. This discipline, which has been introduced in Iran for about 12 years, is a very new discipline based on a non-invasive and non-invasive approach to the treatment of various pain types. Almost all types of pain include headaches, back pain, joint pain, osteoarthritis, cancer pain, facial pain, and facial nerve pain (Dr. Siamak Moradi).

International Pain Fellowship

It is a branch of medical science in which pain is studied centrally.
In fact, diseases in which the patient has chronic pain for a long time will be the target of this branch of medicine. In this category, all aspects of pain, both mental and physical, are studied and treated.

Introducing Pain Specialty

Physicians who are academically and academically qualified as a pain specialist.
Graduates of this field work with other medical professionals to identify and manage acute and chronic pain.
Dr. Siamak Moradi is one of the best pain specialists in Iran who is ready to treat all kinds of pain mentioned above in his pain clinic.
Dr. Moradi Pain Clinic Address: No. 50, 4th Floor, Sanei St., Vanak Square
You can contact Dr. Siamak Moradi for an appointment at the pain clinic at the following numbers or make an appointment through the Appointment Schedule page.
02188662603 and 02188662604 and 09339510017
Note: Time reservation is required.

In short Words

Dr. Siamak Moradi is a pain specialist at Rad Pain Clinic in Tehran. At the Pain Clinic, the best and most experienced doctors are working to control or treat a variety of common pains.

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