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Dr. Siamak Moradi

Pain subspecialty; Graduated from Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences in the field of pain fellowship

I am a member of the board of directors of the Iranian Pain Association and a member of the World American Pain Association (IASP). I am also a member of the Presidential Institution’s Stem Cell Working Group.
I provide services to patients and clients in various areas of body control and treatment.
I am working and treating patients at the Pain Rad Clinic and Noor Afshar and Baqiyatallah Hospitals.

دکتر سیامک مرادی فوق تخصص درد در کلینیک درد راد در تهران

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Services provided by Dr. Siamak Moradi


Treat the title of pain

Pain control and treatment including various nerve blocks, epidural, disc closed surgery such as disc laser, discogel, disc endoscopy, radiofrequency of spinal joints, use of stem cells to treat and control pain Cancer pain control, use of stimuli Spinal cord and intra-spinal pumps for pain control or spasm, joint arthritis treatment, trigeminal neuralgia and more



Continuous follow-up treatment

Post-treatment care

  • Certificates
  • 3rd interventional pain congress and advanced minimally invasive pain management
  • Developing expertise in OA management with IAHA treatment
  • Pain medicine diplome degree
  • OA management: Challenges and Future Possibilities
  • Beyond Osteoarthritis Management
  • ITB Therapy for Spasticity: How to manage the patients
  • SCS & SNS Workshop
    The 1st International Congress of “Advanced Regional Anaesthesia and Pain Techniques”
  • SONO-Guided Peripheral Nerve Block
  • 3rd Interventional Pain Congress & Advanced Minimally Invasive Pain Management
  • اولین سمپوزیوم نقش مخدرها در کنترل درد
  • سپاس نامه همایش مراقبت های حمایتی ویژه در در سرطان
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Biography of Dr. Siamak Moradi

Great exercise means great health care

Experiencesof Dr. Siamak Moradi

Efforts to keep up to date and long-term expertise experience have made most treatments a success

Successful treatment

High percentage of patients’ therapeutic successes

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Too many surgeries

Awards and honors

Has various awards and honors

Years of experience

Long-term experience in the field of specialization

They improved their health

Patient descriptions of disease recovery

Comments from patients who have undergone various treatments and have shared their good mood with us.

Completely correct diagnosis

31 years of limited life and a year in advance. It is possible to access more than 20 experienced physicians and licensed specialists, which are provided after all photographs and MRIs. I can tell you one more time. I limit pregnancy to this extent, as added pregnancy time as budget. But after two years of getting permission from my brother, I was able to do it in my daily life. After a while, we had something to look forward to and we had a daughter. click

31 year old lady

Effective treatment

My pain was from the soles of my feet to the thighs, which was very numb. After I went to Dr. Siamak Moradi’s MRI and service records, his diagnosis was to have a powerful laser operation. click

Sick lady

certain cure

I have been involved with this disc for a long time. I did my daily chores and always felt like a heavy bag of cement on my back. I couldn’t do anything, I was stuck in my daily routine. About 2 weeks ago, I had a radiofrequency pack operation with Dr. Siamak Moradi. I feel like I’m not lying, I have a new back and knees and I have new legs and I don’t feel any pain. The day we performed, the doctor told us that we hoped to reduce your pain by 90%, but tonight I told the doctor that you had reduced my pain by 95%. There was no blood and no surgery, and thank God I met Dr. Siamak Moradi. I never thought I would be able to cope with this pain, because I had been told before that I needed surgery. click

Sick lady

In short Words

Dr. Siamak Moradi is a pain specialist at Rad Pain Clinic in Tehran. At the Pain Clinic, the best and most experienced doctors are working to control or treat a variety of common pains.

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