Dr Siamak Moradi
Pain Specialist

Member of the Board of Directors of the Iranian Pain Association
Member of the World American Association (IASP)
Member of the Stem Cell Staff Working Group

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Quiet Environment

We have made every effort to use the harmonic design to bring a relaxed environment to the patients who visit, so that relaxation can alleviate their pain a little.

Reasonable costs

In addition to using the most modern equipment and updating the treatment methods, we have made every effort to put the costs in the most appropriate way to help the clients a little.

Excellent service

Together with the team of experts, we have provided all the medical services for the control or treatment of all types of chronic pain in one clinic for the patients.

A skilled doctor

Our specialist colleagues at Rad Pain Clinic have come together to provide the best and fastest services so that they can provide the best services to patients.

What can we offer you?

A wide range of treatments for
all types of pain

Dr. Siamak Moradi has performed a number of different surgeries and procedures in the field of pain, and an acceptable percentage of operations have resulted in pain control or pain relief. Patients have been able to return to their daily activities.

A trusted specialist

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Follow up treatment

Reliable staff

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Pain specialist

Dr Siamak Moradi

In various areas of pain control, including various nerve blocks, epidural, disc closed surgery such as disc laser, discogel, disc endoscopy, radiofrequency of spinal joints, the use of stem cells for the treatment and control of pain control of cancer patients, the use of I have spinal stimuli and intracranial pumps to control pain or spasms, treat arthritis, trigeminal neuralgia, and more.

دکتر سیامک مرادی فوق تخصص درد در کلینیک درد راد در تهران
دکتر سیامک مرادی فوق تخصص درد

Pain specialist

Dr Siamak Moradi

Dr. Siamak Moradi specializes in pain management in Tehran. Together with their team, they provide complete services for controlling and treating all types of pain.

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دکتر روح الله نوریان متخصص طب ورزشی

Sports Medicine Specialist

Dr. Ruhollah Nourian

Dr. Nourian, a sports medicine specialist, along with Dr. Siamak Moradi’s team, treats patients and clients.

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دکتر پریسا یوسف فام متخصص طب فیزیکی

Physical Medicine Specialist

Dr. Parisa Yousef Fam

Dr. Yousef Fam, a physical medicine specialist, along with Dr. Siamak Moradi’s team, treats patients and clients.

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دکتر جواد ابوالحسنی متخصص مغز و اعصاب


Dr. Javad Abolhassani

Dr. Abolhassani, a neurologist, along with Dr. Siamak Moradi’s team, treats patients and clients.

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Dr. Siamak Moradi

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Patient testimonials

The best words are always advice. Some tips ….

I am 31 years old and I had an epidural injection about 2 years ago. Before the operation, I had severe pain in my left back for 2 years. I may have seen more than 20 experienced physicians who did not diagnose my problem after a complete MRI scan. I was really disappointed that once you came to me and correctly diagnosed my problem. My problem with my pregnancy was due to being overweight during pregnancy. But after two years, in addition to being able to do my daily chores, after a while, what I was waiting for happened and we had a daughter. click

31 year old lady


My pain was from the soles of my feet to the thighs, which was very numb. After I went to Dr. Siamak Moradi’s MRI and service records, his diagnosis was to have a powerful laser operation. click

50 year old lady

Karaj, Iran

I have been involved with this disc for a long time. I did my daily chores and always felt like a heavy bag of cement on my back. I couldn’t do anything, I was stuck in my daily routine. About 2 weeks ago, I had a radiofrequency pack operation with Dr. Siamak Moradi. I feel like I’m not lying, I have a new back and knees and I have new legs and I don’t feel any pain. The day we performed, the doctor told us that we hoped to reduce your pain by 90%, but tonight I told the doctor that you had reduced my pain by 95%. There was no blood and no surgery, and thank God I met Dr. Siamak Moradi. I never thought I would be able to cope with this pain, because I had been told before that I needed surgery. click

50 year old lady


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In short Words

Dr. Siamak Moradi is a pain specialist at Rad Pain Clinic in Tehran. At the Pain Clinic, the best and most experienced doctors are working to control or treat a variety of common pains.

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